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University of Lincoln Offers Siemens Postgraduate Engineering International Award in UK, 2020

Do you have a desire to pursue your higher studies in UK? If so, you can apply for the Siemens Postgraduate Engineering International Award offered by University of Lincoln. The study program is available for international students who are going to take part in an postgraduate degree in the field of engineering for the academic session 2020-21.

Danish Diabetes Academy Offers DDA Postdoctoral Fellowships for Foreign Students in Denmark, 2020

Take your career to the new heights with the help of this DDA Postdoctoral Fellowships funded by Danish Diabetes Academy. The program is open for the academic year 2020-21. This support will provide DKK 600,000 in total, partly covering the salary of the postdoctoral fellow during the project period those students who have gained an offer of admission in the full-time DDA Postdoctoral Fellowships at the university.

SOAS University of London Offers Global Undergraduate Research Award in UK, 2020

The SOAS University of London is proud to present its Global Undergraduate Research Award for the educational year 2020-2021 to be studied in UK.The award is available to domestic as well as foreign students. This awards are given to offering financial assistance to participants during the summer to undertake an independent study project. The work to be funded by the grant will require a 10,000 word essay on the student's preference of an accepted subject.

University of Melbourne Offers Global Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Experimental Atomic Physics in Australia, 2020

Outstanding students are welcoming to apply for the Global Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Experimental Atomic Physics offered by the University of Melbourne. The grant is available for international students for 2020-2021 entry. The funding program will support the best-qualified students from across the world who want to pursue postdoctoral research fellowship programs at the School of Divinity.

University of Oxford Offers Research Studentship in Knowledge Engineering in UK, 2020

Oxford University provides Research Studentship Program for foreign students in order to support you. The objective of the academic grant is to help high potential applicants for the educational year 2020/21 who will be participating in a research program at the university.

University of Sydney Offers GC Henderson Funding for Foreign Candidates in Australia, 2020

Applicants are invited to become a part of the University of Sydney's GC Henderson Funding for the academic year 2020-2021. The program aims to attract high achieving commencing international students enrolling in a postgraduate coursework program at University of Sydney in Sydney.

University of Melbourne Offers Melbourne Clive Pratt Awards for Foreign Student in Australia, 2020

Candidates are encouraged to apply to the University of Melbourne funded Leicester Melbourne Clive Pratt Awards. The grant is issued for the 2020–2021 educational year. The Grant is distributed specifically to both national and foreign students who wish to begin doctoral research, beginning with the academic year 2020-2021.

University of Auckland Offers International Research Masters program for Foreign Students in New Zealand, 2020

Talented candidates are encouraging to be part of the University of Auckland's International Research Masters Program. The scholarship is intended specifically for candidates from all across the world. The program is designed to enable all promising applicants who are interested in taking session 2020-2021 to research the Masters coursework at the university. The studentship is available to all students across the globe.

University of Melbourne Offers Frank Keenan funding for Foreign Students in Australia, 2020

Frank Keenan Scholarship is offered by the University of Melbourne to engage foreign, domestic candidates and funds their research projects. The offer is open to participants at the Burnley campus, the Faculty of Science, who are trained or interested in the study of facilities or ornamental horticulture.

Linköping University Offers Global Doctoral Awards For Foreign Students in Sweden, 2020

Linköping University is delighted to announce the Global Doctoral Awards in All-Organic Stretchable Batteries. Foreign applicants (Non-Swedish citizens) from all across the globe that wishes to explore university education in Sweden are able to apply. The main objective of this award is to improve the products, design principles and technologies for all-organic stretchable batteries.Expandable batteries are desirable for stretchy IOT tags and wearable devices because they persist consistently and shock absorbent even at high thickness.

University College Cork Offers Global Phd Positions for International Students in Ireland, 2020

As part of the SMARTeBuses project, University College Cork is providing programs for four-year PhD studies in computer science. Financed by the Ireland Research RD&D Program's Sustainable Energy Agency, the project is defined as Non-economic Public Good Research under EU State Aid Guidelines.

Hallym University Offers Global Doctoral Research Assistantship for Foreign Students in South Korea, 2020

Applications for the Department of Chemistry, Hallym University, South Korea are welcomed for the Fall Semester, 2020 Graduate Research Assistant ship. The Postdoctoral Research Assistant is valid for the Doctoral program and candidates are able to qualify throughout the globe. A HU laboratory headed by Prof. Taisun Kim aims to attract promising research candidates for the PhD course.

Queen’s University Belfast Offers Fully Funded Doctoral Opportunities in UK, 2020

The Queen's University Belfast School of Psychology offers PhD qualifications funded by the Department of Economics of Northern Ireland. Fully funded associate ship is mandatory for all candidates with PhD's and Master of Science who have or hope to receive an upper second class honors degree.

University of St Andrews Offers International Doctoral Grant in Physics in UK, 2020

Would you like to fund your UK university education? Request for a International Doctoral Grant in Physics and Astronomy School for the academic year 2020-21. The grant is available to candidates who can initiate their doctorate at the University of St Andrews in September 2020.

Tilburg University Offers Fellowship Compensation and Global Honors in Economics Research in Netherlands, 2020

The Tilburg School of Economics and Management is pleased to inform its tuition fees and global Master in Economics Research awards. Such scholarships are the Koopmans Scholarship, the Center Scholarship and the Scholarship for Achievement. The university provides monetary support for competent and committed candidates who wish to pursue our Master's and PhD research courses.

University of Edinburgh Offers School of Social and Political Science Macqueen Scholarship in UK, 2020

The award covering tuition fees for an MSc by Research at the Home/EU fee rate, a maintenance stipend of £14,000 is on offer to applicants for the MSc by Research in Social and Political Science. The University of Edinburgh is inviting highly motivated students to apply for the Macqueen funding for the academic year 2020-2021. The grant is exclusively open for UK and EU students.

Cambridge University Offers 100 Leverhulme Early Career Fellowships at the Department of Archaeology in UK, 2020

The Fellowships deliver career development opportunities for researchers with a proven record of research at a comparatively early stage of their academic careers (within five years of submitting their PhD). Applications are open for Leverhulme Early Career Fellowships 2020 at the Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge. The Leverhulme Trust Board is offering 100 three-year postdoctoral fellowship awards in 2020.

University of Cambridge Offers Munby Fellowship in Bibliography for International Students in UK, 2020

The program is available for graduates in any discipline of any university and nationality. Preference will be given to scholars at post doctoral or an equivalent level. The Library Syndicate at the University of Cambridge is offering applications for the Munby Fellowship in Bibliography for 2020-2021.

University of Adelaide Offers Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre Graduate Funding Opportunities in Australia, 2020

The studentship is activated for the brilliant Australian and international students who wish to pursue the PhD degree coursework for the academic year 2020-2021. Advance your technical skills in the field of cyber security by applying for the Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre graduate funding opportunities provided by the University of Adelaide in Australia.

University of Tennessee Offers Summer International Research Opportunities Program in USA, 2020

The studentship is designed to support students from Australia, Chile, China, United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, or Spain are eligible to apply for the funding program. The Office of Undergraduate Research is delighted to offer the International Research Opportunities Program funding for the best and brilliant aspirants at the University of Tennessee.

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