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University of Toronto Offers President’s Global Award of Excellence at Canada, 2020

Aspirants are welcoming to become a part of the University of Toronto's funded Global Award of Excellence for President. The award is available to domestic and Foreign students only. The award promotes those applicants who show extraordinary educational attainment and intend to pursue undergraduate assignments at the university for the 2020-2021 educational year.

Carleton University Offers Global Awards for Foreign Students in Canada, 2020

If you are foreign students and looking to study with the financial assistance of your studies in Canada then you can submit the application in Carleton University Global Awards for foreign Students. The sponsored research program is available to overseas high school students with an estimated enrollment of 80%.

University of Sheffield Offers NCUK Merit Awards for Foreign Students in UK, 2020

Need to retain your education financially protected? If yes, The University of Sheffield is welcoming foreign students to apply for 6 NCUK Merit grants. The scholarships are open to new foreign (non-EU) undergraduate or postgraduate candidates that are entering the university from an NCUK Study Centre.

Wichita State University Offers Scholarships for Incoming Freshmen in USA, 2020

Would you like to witness U.S. university life? Wichita State University provides Scholarships for Incoming Freshmen, Honors Merit Award for Research, WSU National Merit Award and extra career paths. The university offers the chance to compete in the Incoming Freshmen several grants for academic year of 2020-2021.

University of Maine Offers SFR Global Awards for Foreign Students in USA, 2020

If you are an foreign student who wants to enter in the best program of the United States, you can take a part in SFR global awards for the academic year 2020 at the University of Maine. The program is open at the university for fresh and ongoing foreign undergraduate candidates.

Medical University of Vienna Offers Global Fellowship for Medical & Research in Austria, 2020

Are you a student who can take advantage of world class scholastic chance and the occasion to improve their skills and abilities? well then, the Medical University of Vienna is offering Global Fellowship for Medical & Research. The fellowship is open to students who would like to be qualified doctors and scientists trained and skilled. A Fellowship can also provide chances for aspiring individuals from across the globe.

University of Sydney Offers Rural Sustainability Scholarship for Foreign Students in Australia, 2020

If you need to continue your educational experience with certain support, the University of Sydney will present the Rural Sustainability scholarship. This scholarship promotes students with an enthusiasm for sustainability in natural and agricultural systems, along with carbon, water and food safety.

Monash University Offers Opportunity for PhD Awards for Foreign Students in Australia, 2020

If you are on the road to obtain a PhD award, you will have a fantastic chance to do so. The University of Monash is pleased to announce Opportunity for PhD Awards for 2020-21. Applicants must establish and then use implementing expertise and methodology as the PhD applicant to evaluate the implementation action of the IMPRovE guideline.

Northumbria University Offers International Financial Assistance for Foreign Students in UK, 2020

If you are a foreign applicant at the University of Northumbria , then you have a great chance to apply for Northumbria Global grants for the year 2020 -2021. This grant is available for foreign applicants which are in the academic year 2020- 2021 and they are admitted and registered in a full time postgraduate or research course at the Newcastle on Tyne campus.

University of Amsterdam Offers Amsterdam Excellence funding for International Students in Netherlands, 2020

Would you like to explore the Dutch student life? The University of Amsterdam provide a chance to compete Amsterdam Excellence funding in the session 2020-2021. The university offers a groundbreaking new scholarship program to students from outside Europe with exceptionally talented teachers.

University of Alberta Offers Funding for Foreign Students by Alberta Academic Excellence in Canada, 2020

Do you want to live in Canada? If yes, then move ahead and prepare yourself for application of the University of Alberta's Alberta Graduate Excellence Scholarship. The new excellence scholarship is accessible to candidates performing graduate studies in Alberta to achieve outstanding academic results.

Tilburg University Offers Fellowship Compensation and Global Honors in Economics Research in Netherlands, 2020

The Tilburg School of Economics and Management is pleased to inform its tuition fees and global Master in Economics Research awards. Such scholarships are the Koopmans Scholarship, the Center Scholarship and the Scholarship for Achievement. The university provides monetary support for competent and committed candidates who wish to pursue our Master's and PhD research courses.

University of Leicester Offers President’s Scholarship Scheme for Foreign Student in UK, 2020

If you are foreign student trying to apply to the University of Leicester on your first year of study, you may be qualified for President’s Scholarships Scheme for Foreign Student granted by the university.  This bursary is a total-time, campus-based, undergraduate program for foreign students at Leicester in September 2020.

Regent’s University London Offers Bloomsbury Fashion Scholarships for Foreign Students in UK, 2020

Regent's University London offers foreign students with qualified and sustainable Bloomsbury Fashion Scholarships. The award will be presented in collaboration with Bloomsbury Publishing Plc and will include a Bloomsbury internship and mentoring.  The bursary is available in the MA International Fashion Marketing program for all student nationalities wishing to study.

University of Sheffield Offers Baccalaureate Scholarship for Foreign Students in UK, 2020

Sheffield University is pleased to grant 5 International Baccalaureate Undergraduate scholarships on Merit basis in session 2020-21. The scholarship is available to new foreign (non-EU) students that aim to begin a university degree.

University of North Texas Offers Global Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Students in USA, 2020

Would you like to experience U.S. student life? If yes, The University of North Texas offers the chance to compete in the Global Scholarships for Excellence. The training program is offered for foreign students wanting to enter the university's first-time freshmen. For qualify for this distinction, candidates must have a proven record of academic achievement.

University of Canterbury Offers Postgraduate Degree Scholarship in Economics in New Zealand, 2020

You're looking for a scholarship? This is a great opportunity for you. The University of Canterbury offers a Research Scholarship in Economics from an Auckland Council Chief Economist. The research program is open for domestic students who need to be enrolled in a New Zealand university postgraduate study program. The primary objective of this grant is to support and encourage postgraduate work in urban economics or in a related field of particular relevance to New Zealand's local government.

Ascend Educational Fund Offers Graduate degree Scholarships for Foreigner Students in USA, 2020

Students who wanted to apply for a study in the United States can apply for grants for the year 2020 from the Ascend Educational Fund Awards. This is available for immigrant students and immigrant children who graduate from a high school in New York City, regardless of ethnicity, national origin, or immigration status, to attend public or private colleges and universities.

National University of Singapore Offers PhD scholarships in Economics for International Students in Singapore, 2019

Scholarship Description: NUS Department of Economic PhD scholarships in Singapore, 2020 is open for International Students . The scholarship allows PhD level program(s) in the...

University Of Queensland Offers Master of Advanced Economics Scholarships in Australia, 2019

Scholarship Description: University Of Queensland Master of Advanced Economics Scholarships in Australia, 2019 is open for International Students . The scholarship allows Masters level program(s)...

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