Scholarship Description:

Linköping University is delighted to announce the Global Doctoral Awards in All-Organic Stretchable Batteries. Foreign applicants (Non-Swedish citizens) from all across the globe that wishes to explore university education in Sweden are able to apply.

The main objective of this award is to improve the products, design principles and technologies for all-organic stretchable batteries.Expandable batteries are desirable for stretchy IOT tags and wearable devices because they persist consistently and shock absorbent even at high thickness.

Host College/University:

Linköping University has become one of Sweden’s largest universities, reaching 27,000 participants and 4,000 staff today. it provides world-leading, cross-disciplinary work in the fields of materials science, IT and life sciences.

At Linköping University, Doctoral studies might be for you if you want to gain a deep knowledge of a specific field. You study scientific methodology, sound ethics in science as well as how to function independently and efficiently.

Degree level:

PhD degree plan.

Field of Study:

The prize is to be given in Stretchable All-Organic Batteries for doctoral study.

Scholarship Award: 

University of Linköping will provide funds for two years.

  • The scholarship is SEK25000:-/month.
  • Travel expenses for a rewarding owner to/from Sweden should contain up to a limit amount.
  • Funds for attending conferences can even be provided.
  • Essential information is available regarding housing, insurance, etc. will be available at

This award could focus on building new practical composites of materials and manufacturing procedures for all-organic stretchable batteries.It offers the doctoral scientist the chance to research and establish:

  • Stretchable electrodes to conduct polymer batteries.
  • Methods of making stretchable devices.
  • New concept for all-organic stretchable batteries.
  • Requirements for Batteries built.


Candidates from all over the Globe (except Sweden) are eligible to apply.

Eligibility Criteria:

The conditions for qualification are as follows;

  • The scheme may only be accepted for non-Swedish citizens with a PhD. or similar obtained in a country except Sweden.
  • The applicant may have not been recently hired by Linköping University.
  • Knowledge is also respected in stretchable electronics. Problem-solving skills, imagination and absolute fluency in English.

Applying procedure Instructions:

To applicants wishing to apply to scholarships, the following application guidance is intended:

  • The request must be forwarded digitally to and a digital version would be sent to Label your application in the subject field of e-mail with the reference number Dnr ITN-2020-00011
  • The candidates must present the following pre-format documents:
  1. One page cover letter detailing your history and involvement in this role.
  2. Resume which contains at least two sources which they can communicate.
  3. List of Editions.
  4. Study Statement of Interest Max 1 page.
  5. Copy of Diploma in PhD.
  6. Copy of MSc qualifications
  • The candidate should do or be first to be awarded a PhD in a science project-relevant subject. For example, material science, (electro) chemistry, applied physics. Candidates must have a curiosity for research.
  • Fluent English is a must. If English is not your mother tongue, students must demonstrate English proficiency before being accepted to Linköping University.

Scholarship Official Web Links:

Scholarship Link: ◄–

Scholarship Deadline:

February 9, 2020.


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