Scholarship Description:

With the encouragement of financing the education of undergraduates in the United States, Colorado State University offers the Undergraduate grants for stunning foreign students.

The offer is open to applicants from abroad who wish to pursue a bachelor’s degree program at Colorado State University.

Host College/University:

Colorado State University is a university of government-funded research. It provides 150 research programs throughout 8 universities and 55 departments.

To enhance their social, Colorado State University offers diverse experiences, traditions, and experiences. They assist and develop learners for the professional world understanding.

Degree level:

Undergraduate degree plan.

Field of Study:

Graduate degree in any subject that taught in university.

Scholarship Award: 

Finalists will get the $4,000 approved grant for their research expenses.


All nationalities can apply to receive the award.

Eligibility Criteria:

The conditions for qualification are as follows;

  • Applicants should be fresh, first-year students and even after graduation from high school haven’t yet participated in any college or university.
  • The scholarships are open to all students completing a degree via the main campus of Colorado State University and include on-campus credit registration.

Applying procedure Instructions:

The following application advice is intended for candidates who wish to apply for a scholarship:

  • To be enrolled in the program, applicants should be admitted to the bachelor’s degree program through the university’s standard system or Colorado State University application.
  • The university can enquire about actual high school documents, term papers, articles, and recommendation letters.
  • Applicants should obtain an earlier diploma certificate to be admitted.
  • Applicants should be able to exhibit a good knowledge of English language capabilities.

Scholarship Official Web Links:

Online Application: ◄–

Scholarship Link: ◄–

Scholarship Deadline:

February 1, 2020.


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