University of St Andrews Offers Alex Richardson International Award in UK, 2020

    Outstanding students are welcoming to apply for the Alex Richardson International Award offered by the University of St Andrews.The award is available for international students for 2020-2021 entry. The funding program will support the best-qualified students from across the world who want to pursue undergraduate degree programs at the University of St Andrews.

    Queen’s University Belfast Offers Global Office Undergraduate Grants for Foreign Students in UK, 2020

    Queen's University Belfast invites applicants to become a member of the Academic year 2020-21 International Office Undergraduate Grants. The research support system seeks to provide support and empower undergraduate applicants to obtain academic excellence. The project is open to aspirants from all over the globe.

    University of Portsmouth Offers Vice Chancellor’s Global Development Awards for Foreign Students in UK,...

    Candidates are allowed to apply for a Global Development Awards from the University of Portsmouth presented by the vice chancellor. For scholarly year 2020-2021 the grant is specifically open for foreign candidates. The offer is available at the university for studying in the UK to pursue undergraduate, postgraduate, and postgraduate studies.

    Northumbria University Offers Agile Business Consortium Awards for Foreign Students in UK, 2020

    Applicants have an incredible chance to apply for the Agile Business Partnership Scholarships provided by Northumbria University in the UK. The aim of this project is to assist three successful students in project management on their journey to Northumbria.

    University Leicester Offers Fully Funded Doctoral Awards at De Montfort in UK, 2020

    Wanting to finish your graduate studies at the top university in the UK? Bonne nouvelle! De Montfort University Leicester now provides you the chance to register for full-funded PhD awards in the UK. The program is designed to enable all promising applicants who are interested in taking session 2020-2021 to research the Doctoral coursework at the university. The studentship is available to UK students as well as foreign students.

    University of St Andrews Offers Fully Funded Civil Society Leadership Awards in UK, 2020

    You will apply for the Civil Society Leadership Awards for the educational year 2020-21. if you are an foreign applicant who needs to apply for the best university in the UK with a Master Award. St. Andrews offers full-funded postgraduate grants to certain participants who show educational and professional achievement through the awards program.

    University of Hertfordshire Offers Regional Scholarships for Foreign Students in UK, 2020

    Hertfordshire University is looking for passionate and highly motivated foreign applicants to participate in the UK's Regional program. The initiative seeks to have an outstanding financing mechanism for eligible candidates from all across the globe who wish to continue a university degree program.

    SOAS University of London Offers Anthony Dicks Memorial Global Awards in UK, 2020

    Education is an important commodity in today's world. Exploring this research significance, SOAS University London is giving funding to bright students for the Anthony Dicks Memorial Global Awards. There will be two scholarships offered to people from developing countries who plan to pursue postgraduate coursework at the UK university.

    University of Central Lancashire Offers Merit funding for Foreign Students in UK, 2020

    The University of Central Lancashire is welcoming top-performing candidates to apply for the Merit funding for the 2020-21 educational year. The research program is open to candidates of any ethnicity who will participate in the University of Central Lancashire's undergraduate or postgraduate degree programs.

    Northumbria University Offers Undergraduate Scholarship for Foreign students in UK, 2020

    When you are prepared to begin your education journey with Northumbria for building your brightest future, then applying for the year 2020 grants for the Northumbria Undergraduate. The scholarship grant is open to British and European students eligible for a full time undergraduate course in the 2020 academic year to research at the university.

    Queen’s University Belfast Offers Fully Funded Doctoral Opportunities in UK, 2020

    The Queen's University Belfast School of Psychology offers PhD qualifications funded by the Department of Economics of Northern Ireland. Fully funded associate ship is mandatory for all candidates with PhD's and Master of Science who have or hope to receive an upper second class honors degree.

    University of St Andrews Offers International Doctoral Grant in Physics in UK, 2020

    Would you like to fund your UK university education? Request for a International Doctoral Grant in Physics and Astronomy School for the academic year 2020-21. The grant is available to candidates who can initiate their doctorate at the University of St Andrews in September 2020.

    Aston University Offers PhD Grants for Foreign Students in UK, 2020

    Aston University offers PhD grants (Bio processing and Functional Magnetic Nanomaterials) that are sponsored by the School of Engineering and Applied Science to promote candidates in the UK to progress their professional careers. A three-year postgraduate student's degree or equivalent credential in bio / chemical engineering, biotechnology or any other related area is required for applicants.

    Queen Mary University of London Offers Postgraduate Grants in Business and Management for Foreign...

    Candidates all over the globe are encouraged to apply for Postgraduate Grants in Business and Management by Queen Mary University in London. There are 50 incentives for students from outside the United Kingdom to pursue a postgraduate degree at the Queen Mary University in London. 

    Northumbria University Offers International Financial Assistance for Foreign Students in UK, 2020

    If you are a foreign applicant at the University of Northumbria , then you have a great chance to apply for Northumbria Global grants for the year 2020 -2021. This grant is available for foreign applicants which are in the academic year 2020- 2021 and they are admitted and registered in a full time postgraduate or research course at the Newcastle on Tyne campus.

    The Beit Trust Offers Bursaries in Medical and Surgical Research for Foreign Students in...

    If you are really searching for a support and a way to support your education, you will be applying for Bursaries in Medical and Surgical Research which the Beit Trust will be for the year 2020-21. The trust provides a significant number of scholarships yearly to support a selection of candidates and young people, both African and British, to pursue work or study in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi.

    University of Warwick Offers PAIS Doctoral Scholarship for Foreign Students in UK, 2020

    The Faculty of Politics and International Studies is pleased to inform of any nation at the University of Warwick the PAIS Doctoral Scholarship for Foreign Students. This graduate assistant ship offers all qualifying students who wish to enroll in a Doctoral program at the UK university with a free tuition facility.

    Regent’s University London Offers Bloomsbury Fashion Scholarships for Foreign Students in UK, 2020

    Regent's University London offers foreign students with qualified and sustainable Bloomsbury Fashion Scholarships. The award will be presented in collaboration with Bloomsbury Publishing Plc and will include a Bloomsbury internship and mentoring.  The bursary is available in the MA International Fashion Marketing program for all student nationalities wishing to study.

    University of Salford Offers Scholarship for Global Innovation in Architecture in UK, 2020

    If you are an foreigner student of a higher standard with the motivation to improve your future, then you can submit for a Global Award for Excellence in Architecture from University of Salford. The goal of the program is to promote and support foreign students to finish a degree program in architecture at the UK university.

    University of Salford Offers Energy Industries International Excellence Scholarship in UK, 2020

    Students from around the world are allowed to apply for the International Scholarship of Excellence for Energy Industries offered by Salford University. The program is available to international students who would like to apply for the Petroleum and Gas Engineering master's degree program at the UK's university.


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