Monash University Offers SPHERE Centre of Research Excellence PhD Awards in Australia, 2020

Candidates are encouraged to apply to the Monash University funded SPHERE Research Excellence PhD Awards Centre. The grant is issued for the 2020–2021 educational year. The project promotes talented students participating in completing a PhD thesis in the area of women's reproductive health care at the SPHERE Research Excellence Centre, sponsored by the NHMRC.

Australian National University Offers Global Merit Awards in Law in Australia, 2020

The Australian National University is proud to give scholarships for the academic year 2020-2121 in Global Merit Awards in Law. The scholarship is available to applicants coming from all over the globe. The intention of the project is to encourage and allow foreign talented postgraduate students to the Australian National University Law School.

Edith Cowan University Offers Destination Australia Awards for Foreign Students in Australia, 2020

An Australian government is introducing Destination Australia Awards for foreign students at Edith Cowan University. The financing program is open to full-time participants seeking to earn a Bachelor, Master or Doctoral degree in 2020. The aim of the award is to offer the opportunity for exceptional applicants to pursue a unique life other than metropolitan cities while pursuing tertiary education of a top class nature.

University of Melbourne Offers Frank Keenan funding for Foreign Students in Australia, 2020

Frank Keenan Scholarship is offered by the University of Melbourne to engage foreign, domestic candidates and funds their research projects. The offer is open to participants at the Burnley campus, the Faculty of Science, who are trained or interested in the study of facilities or ornamental horticulture.

La Trobe University Offers Urban Travel Awards for Foreign Students in Australia, 2020

Want monetary support for Australia's graduate study? The La Trobe Urban Travel Awards at La Trobe University seems to have a wonderful opportunity to apply. This graduate assistant ship makes a credible argument of great strategic study benefit over vibrant community development. The undergraduate and postgraduate students might apply.

Monash University Offers Master of Professional Engineering Awards for Foreign Students in Australia, 2020

Get your Australian Postgraduate degree! Registration for a Master of Global Professional Engineering Award at Monash University are solely available. The graduate assistant ship aims to support high caliber students from abroad who apply for a master's degree in professional engineering at Monash University

University of South Australia Offers Gibb Group Property Awards for Foreign Students in Australia,...

The University of South Australia provides the Gibb Group Property Course in Australia for both local and foreign students. This educational grant is open to those exceptional applicants who plan to participate in the Bachelor of Business Property course for the 2019-2020 educational year.

University of Sydney Offers Rural Sustainability Scholarship for Foreign Students in Australia, 2020

If you need to continue your educational experience with certain support, the University of Sydney will present the Rural Sustainability scholarship. This scholarship promotes students with an enthusiasm for sustainability in natural and agricultural systems, along with carbon, water and food safety.

Monash University Offers Opportunity for PhD Awards for Foreign Students in Australia, 2020

If you are on the road to obtain a PhD award, you will have a fantastic chance to do so. The University of Monash is pleased to announce Opportunity for PhD Awards for 2020-21. Applicants must establish and then use implementing expertise and methodology as the PhD applicant to evaluate the implementation action of the IMPRovE guideline.

University of Sydney Offers Globally Vice Chancellor Awards Program in Australia, 2020

Scholarships offer a chance for participants to be trained. Looking ahead, Sydney University is introducing the Global Vice Chancellor Awards Program for outstanding candidates across the globe. The academic grant is available to strong-potential foreign applicants beginning in a graduate program at Sydney's University in Australia.

RMIT University Offers Vice-Chancellor’s Doctoral Scholarship for Brilliant Students in Australia, 2020

If you are seeking funding for a Doctoral, you will evaluate your possibilities as quickly as possible. The doctoral bursary of the Vice-Chancellor is sponsored by the RMIT University. The research awards are granted to domestic and foreign candidates with a doctoral degree in science on the basis of academic achievement and study efficiency.

University of the Sunshine Coast Offers Destination Australia Grant for Foreign Students in Australia,...

Scholarship Description: The University of the Sunshine Coast is administering the Destination Australia Awards for glowing candidates from foreign countries with the cooperation of the...

Murdoch University Offers Global Dean’s Grant for Scientific Excellence in Australia, 2020

The School of Engineering and Information Technology is providing grants for talented foreign applicants at Murdoch University from the Global Dean’s Grant for Scientific Excellence. Studentship is open for applicants who wish to study undergraduate and postgraduate studies for the academic year 2020-2021.

RMIT University Offers Awards of Scientific Innovation and Education for Foreign Students in Australia,...

When you want to receive higher schooling in Australia, you get the opportunity to apply for the RMIT University Scientific Engineering and Health Merit Awards. The grant is sufficient to support wonderful candidates from Singapore and Indonesia to fulfill an Associate Degree, Bachelor's Degree, or Master's Degree at Australia University.

Central Queensland University Offers Rotary Club of Bundaberg Sunrise Financing for Foreign Students in...

Highly qualified students from across the world are invited to apply for the "Bundaberg Sunrise Scholarship Rotary Club" for the 2020/21 session. This scholarship promotes worthy students who have enrolled in a Bachelor or Postgraduate course in Education or Learning Management at CQ University to pursue their degree in the Bundaberg region.

Charles Darwin University Offers CDU International College Launch funding for Students from Abroad in...

Charles Darwin University is pleased to announce funding for the high-reaching students at CDU International College to be launched by CDU International College. The grant is available to international students who intend to pursue a first-year diploma or pre-master program at Australia's CDU International College.

Griffith University Offers Leaver Scholarship for International Students in Australia, 2020

Would you like to complete your Australia bachelor's degree? If so, here's a great opportunity to apply for the Griffith University's Global Overseas Student School Leaver Scholarship.  The main purpose of this educational opportunity is to attract competent foreign students who wants to pursue undergraduate degree coursework at the university in Australia.

University of Newcastle Offers PhD Positions in Preventing Pressure Injury Through Skin Protection Strategies...

If you're looking for a chance to study in Australia, this is an excellent opportunity to apply for the University of Newcastle's Preventing Pressure Injury by Skin Defense Strategies-PhD Positions. The program is available to foreign as well as local students wanting to study PhD coursework at Australia University.

Queensland University of Technology Offers Financial Hardship Bursary for Science and Engineering in Australia,...

The Queensland University of Technology welcomes students to apply for the Financial Hardship Bursary of Science and Engineering for the 2020/21 session. The academic award is open for aspirants from all over the world to study the Queensland University of Technology coursework of undergraduate and postgraduate degree.

University of Queensland Offers UQ Research Alliance PhD Scholarship in Australia, 2019

The Enabling Trust in Wearable Devices Boeing – UQ Research Alliance PhD award, provided by the University of Queensland, is a winning card for you if you want to achieve a higher degree in Australia. The scholarship is open for international and domestic students who are willing to participate in a PhD program at the Australian university.


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