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University of Sydney Offers GC Henderson Funding for Foreign Candidates in...

Applicants are invited to become a part of the University of Sydney's GC Henderson Funding for the academic year 2020-2021. The program aims to attract high achieving commencing international students enrolling in a postgraduate coursework program at University of Sydney in Sydney.

Engineering Institute of Technology Offers EIT Melbourne Campus Scholarships for Foreign...

Outstanding students are welcoming to apply for the EIT Melbourne Campus Scholarships offered by the Engineering Institute of Technology. The grant is available for international students for 2020-2021 entry. The funding program will support the best-qualified students from across the world who want to pursue postgraduate taught Masters programs at the Engineering Institute of Technology.

Nigerian University of Technology and Management Offers NUTM Scholars Program for...

The Nigerian University of Technology and Management is proud to present its applications for the NUTM Scholars Program for young individuals from Nigeria and other African regions for the educational year 2020-2021 to be studied in Australia. The award is available to domestic as well as African students. The education award assists highly motivated students under the age of 32 who have an accepted undergraduate degree and wish to enter Nigeria's 1-year Postgraduate Program.

University of Otago Offers Callis Trust Performance funding for Foreign Students...

Candidates are encouraged to apply to the University of Otago funded Callis Trust Performance funding of undergraduate awards. The grant is issued for the 2020–2021 educational year. The grant is distributed specifically to both national and foreign students who wish to begin undergraduate research, beginning with the academic year 2020-2021.

Nanyang Polytechnic College Offers CSIT Scholarship in Singapore, 2020

The award is available for those qualified students from Singapore who enroll in any of the described Diplomas in Nanyang Polytechnic, School of Information Technology. In partnership with Centre of Strategic Infocomm Technologies (CSIT), the Nanyang Polytechnic College is awarding scholarships for the academic year 2020-2021.

Central Queensland University Offers Rotary Club of Bundaberg Sunrise Financing for...

Highly qualified students from across the world are invited to apply for the "Bundaberg Sunrise Scholarship Rotary Club" for the 2020/21 session. This scholarship promotes worthy students who have enrolled in a Bachelor or Postgraduate course in Education or Learning Management at CQ University to pursue their degree in the Bundaberg region.

University of Saskatchewan Offers Hannon Scholarships Theology in Canada, 2020

The university offers these grants to those high performing candidates from Canada who will commence in the full-time undergraduate degree coursework in the College of Arts and Science. Take a look at Hannon Scholarships Theology offered by the University of Saskatchewan in Canada.

Royal College of Art Offers International Awards for International Students in...

The studentship is available for those sparkling UK/EU and international students who will commence in the postgraduate degree coursework for the academic year 2020-2021. In this highly competitive world, it will be great if you get a discount on your tuition fees for study. Hence, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to apply for the international awards at Royal College of Art in the UK.

University of Hull Offers Merit Scholarship for Foreign Students in UK,...

The University of Hull is encouraging students to become a part of the Merit Scholarship for the academic year 2020-2021. The grant is exclusively open for both domestic and international students. The aim of the funding program is to support highly motivated students proceeding to the Professional Years.

Michigan State University Offers International tuition Grant for International Students in...

The aim of the program is to assist international students who will commence in the bachelor’s degree coursework at the university in the US. Here is a wonderful opportunity to apply for International tuition Grant which is providing by Michigan State University.

University of Tennessee Offers Summer International Research Opportunities Program in USA,...

The studentship is designed to support students from Australia, Chile, China, United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, or Spain are eligible to apply for the funding program. The Office of Undergraduate Research is delighted to offer the International Research Opportunities Program funding for the best and brilliant aspirants at the University of Tennessee.

University of Waterloo Offers Memorial Engineering Award from Roman Baldur in...

Are you a Canadian foreign student or citizen enrolled at the University of Waterloo? If yes, the university will be offering the Roman Baldur Memorial Engineering Medal. The research scholarship is open to students living in Canada / Permanent and foreigner.

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List of HEC Recognized Universities in Pakistan 2020

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5 Appropriate Strategies of Dealing with the Loss of Scholarship as Foreign Student

Grants are extremely respectable and are typically granted on merit to foreign students.Understanding that you are one of the few scholarship recipients puts a burden on you to retain it and make the most of your research journey. But if things go south for any cause, as foreign students, there are successful ways of managing the decline of scholarship.  Be Completely Assured: There are rules and regulation for grants that may include exact courses and GPAs.So if you've chosen to shift classes, be completely assure that this might cost you your whole scholarship.Likewise, if your award allows you to retain a certain GPA, and even if it is ever so slightly short, check your fortune before making judgments.

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